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Yandex Direct is an effective way to promote your business online for Russian speaking audience. Its efficiency is based on the advantage of Yandex search engine to comprehend better Russian than other search engines (Google, Bing) and prioritizing the internet sites in Russian.

Yandex is one of the most visited internet sites within Russian speaking people. Every day more than 43 000 000 persons from Russia and CIS countries use Yandex. There is no doubt that within the users of Yandex you can find the target audience of your business.

Yandex Direct advertising system

Yandex Direct is one of the most effective tools of advertising in order to attract new clients and to promote an increase in sales. With this tool, you can create an advertisement with a specific text in the search engine and the advertisement net of Yandex. The cost of advertisement is calculated per click.

Advantages of Yandex Direct advertisements:

1) The advertisements are precisely targeted – they are created for users who search for specific service or product;
2) The advertisements can be targeted for specific region and time (hours per day, week);
3) You can decide the price per click and budget;
4) You can decide the position of your advertisement in the advertisement bloc;
5) The control of advertisement efficiency – the detailed advertisement statistics are available, and it is possible to make changes online.
6) You can advertise with this tool even if you do not have your own website, just indicating contact details.

The use of Yandex Direct in Latvia

Yandex has a tiny segment of information search market in Latvia. However, taking into consideration that Russia is neighbor of Latvia and one of the biggest partners in commerce, it is sure that in many business sectors the advertisements on Yandex Direct could create a substantial interest about your products and services. If the marketing strategy for your business includes internet marketing, then Yandex Direct is a logical step in development.

Necessary Investments

The amount of investments depends on the number of keywords and their fee. IntroSkip offers the creation of campaign, monitoring and maintenance as a separate service, whose price we determine individually. The advertisement system of Yandex Direct is dynamical. In order to ensure the efficient functioning of advertisements, IntroSkip follows the indicators of campaign on regular basis and introduces the necessary corrections.

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