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Content marketing

Content is the heart of an effective internet marketing plan.

If your content is informative, social, and entertaining, you do not have to worry about SEO so much. Even news is there to entertain and not just to inform. Entertainment drives traffic, and traffic creates opportunities to target groups.

The best thing about good content - there is no competition. With SEO or PPC you are competing in a limited market, but with entertainment and traffic creation – you are manifesting an unlimited market.

It’s found that 95% of bloggers discontinue writing, because they don’t receive traffic.

The content you publish via your website and social media is a direct reflection of your business, and is a crucial factor in your search engine visibility, customer loyalty and industry reputation.

Modern consumer is more knowledgeable, impatient, and skeptical. Saturated by information people have learned to quickly sort it, assessing most important. He/she is not a subject of ads pressure, thus one should seek for smarter solutions.

Become the First Choice for Your Customers

By engaging with your customers earlier in the buying cycle you gain their loyalty. This vastly improves your chance of securing your conversion goal - a sign-up, a download, an enquiry or a sale.

Great content marketing turns your website into a destination of up-to-date, credible, and valuable information, moreover it builds your brand. In order to be effective, you need to dedicate time and resources to create a good and relevant content.

This is why many businesses outsource their publishing requirements.

Our Team

Our professional copywriters and journalists are experts in creating compelling content that supports your search marketing campaign. Every day they research, write, and publish articles according to SEO and editorial guidelines.

We ensure your content is relevant, accurate, and engaging. We continually test and adjust the most popular topics for your readers. We do not skimp on the length of your articles and each and every piece is meticulously researched.

Up-to-date Content all the Time

We have a news service that delivers a regular feed of content to your website and social media pages, reporting the latest developments and trends in your industry. The use of images will further enhance the search engine impact and reader appeal of your articles.

The search engines and your customers are demanding great content - are you supplying it?

Our content will continue to deliver traffic long after it has been published.


Fixed price and all-inclusive search services based on an honest assessment of the work you need. The price we quote is fixed, and fully inclusive.  No hidden extras, just the security of a fixed monthly search marketing cost.

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