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Google Adwords

Google AdWords’ advertisement is one of the methods of internet marketing; also it is currently one of the most effective types of commercials in the market. Its efficiency is based on the analysis of huge amounts of data (Google search, Gmail, Youtube, and other Google services), that only a company of such scale as Google can do. This advertisement field is so huge that you could consider it as a separate science.

The textual commercial of Google AdWords consists of 4 lines that can transform in money any goods in any country. Basically, the commercial is a highlighted result of Google search that is offered to user exactly when he or she is looking for certain goods or services online. The commercial can be shown on the net of Google search and on its affiliate sites, on mobile devices or everywhere. When using this Google service, you have to pay only when a user clicks on commercial.

Independently from the size of budget, any company can reach new clients and develop their business with AdWords. You can set various filters: when, to whom, in which language the commercial will be shown, fix budget (there are no requirements on minimal payment), and simply evaluate the effect of your commercial.

The benefits from Google AdWords’ commercial:

1) Quick results – target audience can see the commercial after a short while; in the website, the increase in traffic can be observed immediately, consequently the interest arises about the offers of company;

2) Precisely targeted commercials – the commercials appear only on specific key words. The amount of key words is unlimited, but still they have to be demanded in the search field;

3) Geographically precise action – the commercials can be shown precisely in those places (country, city, location) where the business is located;

4) Control of payments – the advertising budget can be fixed for each day or certain period;

5) Control of efficiency of the commercial – you can see Google statistics about each commercial per day or per fixed period of time, install various versions, improve and leave the most efficient.

The possibilities of Google AdWords

The results and the fee for Google AdWords mainly depend on website that the potential client will reach – so called landing site. It is important that the commercial leads the user exactly to the advertised product or service. The more suitable the commercial and the content of website to the specific search, the bigger is chance to transform the user into a customer.

Within the tough competition, it is important to promote your brand in long term. Even if the user is looking for competitors and their services, a wisely created campaign of commercials will be able to obtain some part of the user flow of their competitors. Consequently you’ll gain more possibilities to transform a user into a customer.

The website traffic provided by Google AdWords allows increasing the organic website results that secure even more traffic like an avalanche. That, as a result, can ensure the critical mass of traffic in order to dominate the search field.

The use of Google AdWords in Latvia

Google dominates with 97% in Latvian information online search market. That is the most visited site online in Latvia.

Despite the huge possibilities of Google AdWords in Latvia, comparatively few companies are using it. We do not have approved data, but it is unlikely that this number is higher that 0,1% from all the active companies.

The competition of Google AdWords service online

There are few business fields where you can see high competition by using Google AdWords – short-term money lending, driving schools, translations, law firms, dentistry, etc. In fact, by not using Google AdWords, the company puts itself in an unequal position with the competitors, and it is the only way how to break through in this market. Still common business fields exist, where none of the companies are using Google AdWards due to incomprehensible reasons.

The necessary amount of investments

The extent of investments depends on the necessary amount of key words and charge for them. You should take into consideration, that the investments into Google AdWords’ commercial campaigns, within the high competition, are measurable in hundreds of LVL per month.

The creation of campaign, monitoring, and maintenance – IntroSkip provides these as a separate service whose price is set individually. The system of AdWords’ commercials is very dynamic. So that commercial would work efficiently, IntroSkip regularly follows the indicators of campaign and introduces the necessary corrections.

At present, the total budget for all the IntroSkip clients with Google AdWords is about 5500 LVL per month or ~ 7800 EUR.

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