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Paid traffic

PPC management is one of the most effective and reactive forms of marketing available. Every aspect of your campaign is managed in real time, and effective management is rewarded with the maximum possible results.

There are many PPC Networks, but we focus only on the biggest:

Our team of PPC experts is highly experienced in managing successful paid campaigns for search, display networks and social media. We can create a completely new ‘pay per click’ campaign for you, or take over the management of your existing campaigns.

Our PPC management supports campaigns for businesses of all sizes. Our service is completely scalable to meet your specific needs, whether you are a new start-up, a mid-size business or a large multi-national enterprise.

Expand Your Reach

We widen your reach through PPC by identifying the most effective use of ads for your business. This means your campaign is precisely aimed: your ads appear just for your target market, in high positions. Your PPC keywords, ad texts and ad groups are continually tested and refined for the best campaign performance, and we do this personally, so you get expert management, not an automated response.

Get Better Results

This results in more visitors to your website. We deliver more clicks for your PPC campaign, a higher click through rate (CTR), lower cost per click (CPC) and reduced cost per acquisition (CPA). This means you get more opportunities of sales. Our detailed reports include reviews of your campaign and recommendations for improvement.


We don’t charge management fee based on a percentage of your ad spend, so it’s not in our interest to push you to increase your budget. We focus on making your money go further and your campaigns perform as effectively as possible.

The fee structure for services is bespoke for each business and dependant on the relative market competition and the scale and speed of growth needed. The price we quote is a fixed monthly cost, no hidden extras.

Fully Inclusive Management

If you are looking at setting up a new ‘pay per click’ (PPC) advertising campaign or require assistance in maximising returns from your existing campaigns, contact us and one of our managers will be in touch shortly.

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